Safety First LTD

We represent one of the most trusted health and safety education companies in the Ontario area: Safety First Ltd. Our objective is to help companies prevent injuries, illness and fatalities at their given workplace, as all employees have the right to a healthy and safe environment.

Your team must be licensed and trained in order to fulfill its job properly while keeping themselves and your business safe. Various unpleasantries can occur on a site due to accidents or Health and Safety inspectors’ visits. Fortunately, you can prevent it all by providing the adequate equipment for your employees and ensuring them training courses at the Safety First Ltd.1

Amongst our renowned courses you can find training workshops for working at heights, for using elevated work platforms and also one on the Workplace Hazardous Material Information System. Each participant will receive relevant, in-depth information from experts in the field.

Being founded by experts in the construction industry, Safety First Ltd offers first-hand information to helps achieve your objectives. When it comes to workers’ safety, we do not compromise. We offer relevant programs that comply with the legislation of the Province of Ontario.

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