Lately Added Home Builders



    GALAXY DECOR GROUP presents EXCLUSIVE TEXTURED DESIGNS, a technological innovation creating a magic beauty on your walls. With the Galaxy Decor revolutionary formula including specs of crystals, shells, minerals & epoxy, you might truly experience new heights in luxury living with our prestigious designs. Unique & customized artworks with stunning touchable …Read More »
  • Dotch Construction and Renovation

    Dotch Construction and Renovation

    Dotch Construction and Renovations is a fully licensed and insured General Contractor serving the Greater Toronto Area. We have been providing innovative design, build and construction solutions to our customers for over 20 years.Read More »
  • TechEcoHome Wooden Cottages

    TechEcoHome Wooden Cottages

    TechEcoHome Wooden Cottages is an Ontario-based company specialized in designing and building customized wooden cottages. We only work with the best materials, ensuring a high quality job for your unique cottage. We offer all kind of cottages including: – Timber frame homes – Login cabins – Log homes – Cabana – …Read More »
  • Victor Freire – Construction Loans and Mortgages

    Victor Freire – Construction Loans and Mortgages

    Victor Freire is an expert in construction loans and mortgages in Toronto and GTA area. He is a mortgage agent with Dominion Lending Centres., who offers quick service and low rates on any type of financing – from first home buyers to big construction projects. Victor Freire offers a full range …Read More »
  • My Solar Doctor

    My Solar Doctor

    My Solar Doctor is a one stop solar solutions for Ontario residents and businesses. Solar panels installations (including initial inspeaction) Solar pool heaters Solar systems maintenance Want to know more about solar solutions or Ontario Government Programs for residential energy? Give us a call today! Contact 416-885-0701 or visit More »

Lately Added Renovation Companies

  • DRV Basements

    DRV Basements

    Our team at DVR Basements prides itself with not just impeccable results, but also with a vast array of services, allowing us to provide our clients with a complete overhaul of their basements. Our services include: Framing. Since it is the foundation of every successful basement renovation, framing is given special attention by …Read More »


    TORONTO HOME CLUB is a well-known and very popular place of meetings, a prestigious business forum. Our Projects vary from an average house to hotels, head offices of the international corporations, and the Canadian Ministry of Defense. We simply build a society of those who like informal family meetings in a …Read More »
  • Dream Roof

    Dream Roof

    Dream Roof team specialize on metal roofing in the Greater Toronto Area. Why upgrading your house with metal roof? Long lifetime materials – DreamRoof provides 50 years warranty on it products Save on installation and future repair costs Great household investment that adds to your property price Call Dream Roof today …Read More »


    A.V. STYLE services include large-format printing for stretch ceilings and walls, acoustic solutions, 3D shapes and effects, backlit surfaces, lighting integration and more. When you work with A.V. Style you don’t just get creative freedom and quality craftsmanship. You get personalized design solutions that work in perfect harmony with the lighting, …Read More »


    Founded in 1995 this company specializes in kitchens / bathrooms / basements & decks…Read More »

Latest articles

  • New Canadian Regulations for Working at Heights for Construction Industry

    New Canadian Regulations for Working at Heights for Construction Industry

    Falls are one of the most common causes of injury, and in some unfortunate cases, they result in death in workplaces all over Ontario, as the Ministry of Labour states. As of April 1’st 2015, all employers must make sure workers on construction sites and those doing other activities that involve …Read More »
  • Types of Flooring

    Types of Flooring

    If you are looking to make changes to your home or you are building a new one, you may want to know the pros and cons of the various types of flooring available on the market. The  types of flooring most people use in their houses are hardwood, engineered wood, laminate …Read More »
  • Black Mould Detection

    Black Mould Detection

    Detecting black mould in the home is very important, as tens of millions of people across North America and Canada suffer from sinusitis and similar conditions. Those conditions are all to often caused, or made worse by the presence of black mould in your home.Read More »