Using Thermal Imaging for Basement Leaks Detecton

thermal imaging for water leaksWhen you can see the signs of excess moisture in your basement, it is important to identify where the moisture is coming from. The truth is it might be not your basement at all, but anything from leaking roof, leaking plumbing or condensation as a result of bad insulation. However, when the problem is hidden by finished walls and flooring, there isn’t much that you can see on the outside, except for that the warping drywall, lifting flooring and growth of mold.

Considering that rarely the floors are even, the water might be collecting in the spot, different from the actual leak is.

That is why before tearing down the walls, it is essential to find a basement waterproofing contractor that uses thermal imaging equipment for accurate leaks detection, such as Watertite Waterproofers. It makes a big difference when professional equipment is used. It allows to measure the temperature and moisture of the area in question and pinpoint the problem within inches of the leak source. In fact, in the industry it is not uncommon, when clients are handed in a costly foundation waterproofing estimate without going through proper leak detection test.

If you see signs of excess water in your basement, go through the proper steps:

  • inspect the area, clear the access to the area in question,
  • move all the furniture or clutter (makes a good sense to do it anyway, both to have a better look at the problem, and to avoid the objects to absorb the moisture and develop mold stains
  • call the waterproofing experts that offer the thermal images inspection services.