A Plus Windows and Doors Technologies

A Plus Windows and Doors Technologies is Toronto based company with well-earned reputation. We are a group of devoted professionals with many years of experience in windows and doors installation and repair.

We believe that every house is a unique place filled with its own story and atmosphere, so it is important to pick the right style for windows and doors to preserve this harmony. We have a variety of vinyl windows, entry and patio doors, which come in different colours and shapes to give your home a perfect final touch.2

Vinyl windows, (also known as PVC), are recyclable, which makes them a great choice for people, who care about environment. It is easy to impersonate vinyl window, as they can be easily painted to any desirable color. Vinyl windows are a long lasting solution to secure your house from leaking and heat waste. Above all, they are resistant to dirt, scratches, and stains.

When you choose doors, you have to keep many things in mind to make a right decision: sustainable material, good insulation factor, and easy maintenance. We believe that the best choice for Canada is fiberglass doors. Fiberglass doors are fortified with 4” laminated wood jams to prevent early wear and to keep warm inside the house. Fiberglass doors have a high density and are easy to clean, and will fit great as an entrance or patio doors.

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