ADNA Contracting – Professional Mold & Asbestos Removal and Spray Fireproofing in GTA

Are you suspecting that your home might be contaminated with mold or asbestos? Adna Contracting will not only test and identify the problem but will effectively eliminate it with minimum disruption for you, your home and your business.

At Adna Contracting we specialize in:

We offer our services in residential, commercial, or industrial buildings and are committed to keeping your families and employees safe. In all aspects of our business, we are committed to offering fast and efficient services at a very competitive price, as we believe that pricing should not stand in the way of safety.

If the signs of the mold of asbestos have been discovered by you or your renovation contractor – contact us to determine the scale of the problem, and based on accurate testing to come up with abatement procedures that will make your building mold or asbestos free for good.