Black Mould Detection

mould-removal-barrie_20130205_1387773378Detecting black mould in the home is very important, as tens of millions of people across North America and Canada suffer from sinusitis and similar conditions. Those conditions are all to often caused, or made worse by the presence of black mould in your home. Though black mould is not as common as other species of mould, it is still common enough. It is toxic, and as such, has to be identified, isolated and removed for the safety of the home’s inhabitants. The problems it can cause depend on its spread and the general health of the family members, but they range between inconvenient to life-threatening and should not be taken lightly.

ANA Contracting offers mould detection services that will give you a quick and accurate result, but if you want to check by yourself first, you still can. There are many signs that will be give-aways of the presence of black mould in your house.

Those include things that create a perfect environment for the mould to flourish:

  • mould-removal-process_20130205_1204668262Leaking Pipes
  • Dripping Roofs
  • Damp Basements
  • Flooded Attics
  • Soggy Window Insulation
  • Water Condensation in Washrooms, Showers and Kitchens
  • Blocked Gutters
  • Areas with Poor Ventilation

While those do not necessarily mean that you actually have a black mould infestation, they definitely increase the chances of it developing. And those are also the places you need to examine first, when checking the house for black mould presence.

While you are busy with black mould detection, here are the signs you should look for:

  • mould-removal-service-toronto_20130220_2093911045Damaged, Cracked, Soggy, Peeling Paint
  • Musty, Damp, Mildewy Odors
  • Loosening Drywall Tape
  • Darkened Drywall Sections
  • Darkened Window Insulation
  • Loosened Vinyl or Hardwood Flooring
  • Visible Mould Growth in Cracks and Patches

As you are looking for the mould, make sure you don’t touch it with bare hands. While it is true that only extended exposure may cause harm, it is still a toxic substance and you should not come into skin contact with it. This is doubly important if you have kids in the house that may be affected by it.

Behind the signs there are the dangers, of course. Black mould detection should lead to its immediate remediation by professionals. It won’t stop growing on its own, and the health problems it brings are very real. Here is but a partial list of what black mould can cause if left to sprout freely in your home:

mould-removal-toronto_20130205_15584650231. Respiratory problems, including bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis and lung tissue damage.
2. Suppressed immune system, chronic fatigue, dizziness, mood swings and headaches.
3. Memory impairment, difficulty concentrating, body aches, food intolerances and allergies.
4. Eye, nose and throat irritations, dry cough, skin rashes and irritations and irritable bowels.

In some extreme cases of serious black mould infestation combined with sensitivity to its effects, it can even be fatal. You should especially watch out for it in homes inhabited by toddlers, the sick and the elderly. If you are suffering from asthma or allergies (especially after a move to a new place after you never had those problems before), then you may have a black mould problem.

Mould detection kits can also be purchased from multiple suppliers, and save you the trouble of having to invite a specialist for detection only. Once it has been detected, however, there is no safe way to do it, but by hiring a Toronto mould removal specialist. They will be able to have it done in the safest, cleanest and fastest way possible, leaving you in a fully remediated, safe environment. Another thing that a specialist can do for you is identify the weak, mould-friendly areas in your home and provide you with valuable advice on how to seal them off.

Good luck, and don’t hesitate to call ANA Contracting at (416) 282-5914 with any other questions you may have. Or visit visit our website for more details.