Special Renovations Ideas and Advice

Renforth 7Everybody wants to live in a nice home that looks like new and has everything we want in it. We want a place that is both comfortable to use and pleasant to be in. A place where our kids will be safe and our guests will feel welcome. One of the ways to make our homes better is by engaging in the exciting adventure of home renovations. In addition to making the home better and more comfy, this investment will raise its property value and help you get a better price for it when you decide to sell.

So you have a budget and an itch to engage in renovations but not sure where to start? No problem, we can help you by outlining the best way to prioritize projects and throw in a few nice ideas that you can use for inspiration. First things first, deciding on scale and urgency should be the first step.

fireplanceIf you have a nice budget, there are renovation projects that step over to a zone that verges on construction work. This includes home additions, second floor additions, room re-partitioning, full new kitchen design projects and other similar jobs. The sky’s the limit and you can do almost anything within city zoning codes of course. Here are a few special renovations ideas that we find appealing and very unusual, and which you might want to implement in your own home:

  1. Away With the Walls! It used to be standard to have small rooms with specific designations for everything. Since the advent of the open concept kitchen, a new trend for open spaces has been rapidly forming and becoming dominant. A unified living room space that can be used for different needs – viewing, dining, entertaining and even dancing is becoming very popular.
  1. Wall – Sized Windows. If you have a green beautiful back yard, why not make the view even bigger. Wall to wall, floor to ceiling windows can create a tropical garden feel in a place, making it virtually twice its size.
  1. Patio Jacuzzi. A built-in jacuzzi on the back yard can be used 12 months a year if it is installed on the glass encased patio. You can build it into the deck and create a real tropical resort feel to the whole place.

Mid Toronto addition 4If you are running a modest budget, there are still things you can improve in your home. Zoom in on the things that catch your eye and make you want to fix or replace them. This type of renovations have a purely cosmetic value, but wall paint, wallpaper, floor polish, kitchen refinishing and other similar jobs can work wonders on the home’s look and feel. This is a renovation job that essentially leaves everything as it is, providing it with a nice new luster. Taking this a notch up is also easy enough without going too wild, by installing a nice mantel or a new granite countertop in the kitchen. New faucets and sinks are also a way to work a bit of magic in the kitchen and bathroom areas without going into large-scale construction work.

You are welcome to visit our website http://renoexperts.ca/ gallery for new and exciting renovations ideas, or if you already know what you want – just call us for a free assessment. Good luck in your renovation project!