Stay Safe in Wind Storms – Advice from Wind Damage Cleanup Contractor.

wind damage cleanup in Southern OntarioUnfortunately with expectation of spring and warm weather come spring storms and strong winds. Whether the global warming and climate change is a factor it seems like the tornadoes and strong winds in spring and fall (as we are in the path of North American storm corridor) are hitting South of Ontario more often making it actually a real weather hazard threat, much more than your regular “active weather statement” in the forecast. Unlike the regions that are used to tornadoes, here at Southern Ontario, who are more used to look at thermometer than check our the wind speed information, it catches us often unprepared, with thoughts – “ok, it is just the wind – how strong it can be?”.

At Zucco we are frequently receiving calls for strong winds and disaster aftermath cleanup for extensive damages for properties. Unfortunately this is one type of disaster that you can not get prepared or avoid before, but here is some advice on

How to minimize the damage and stay safe during the wind storms, tornadoes and hurricanes:

  • Examine your property on regular basis – and keep it well maintained, if something like a fence shows signs of wear and is not stable – for sure it will not not withstand the wind, and moreover might cause further damage to your property or somebody else’s  
  • Tie down or move indoors bicycles, patio furniture, patio chairs and other small and seemingly harmless objects, most of the preventable damage
  • Keep the cars in the garage. (to prevent trees and branches falling on them or any piece of debris)
  • If you live in a high rise, secure the objects on your balcony to prevent them from being blown away or smash your window, or injure someone below, as the downdraft effect multiplied the strength of the wind in tall buildings
  • Examine your house and property insurance and ask your insurance agent – are you insured against the wind damage. If not – the results can be really devastating.

hurricane damage cleanup GTATo be classified as hurricane the speed of wind has to reach up to 119 km/h. If something like that is expected it is better to find a way  to stay in a concrete building (such as most government buildings, schools, libraries). Of course if something like that is anticipated you will hear official warnings, but you do have to stay tuned to hear them.

Once the wind has subsided, examine your property for damages. Remember to take the pictures for the insurance company before you start cleanup. Do not enter the parts of the building that are structurally unstable.

If the damage is substantial, when parts of the building, or the whole building is destroyed or some structures on your property are leveled, and you need help involving use of professional construction equipment to clean wind damage aftermath contact us for assessment.